Table of contents

  1. Create a diary
  2. Toolbar
  3. Cover
  4. Contents
  5. Search

A Diary is a collection of pages ordered by date. It also has a cover page, and a contents page.

Create a diary

In a personal or team workspace.

  1. Click blue + button.
  2. Select Diary.
  3. Write the title, click CREATE.
  4. You could now work on Today page.

You could also create a diary inside a box.


The toolbar is located on top of a page, you could go to a specific date or search inside a diary. From left to right.

  1. Go to cover page.
  2. Go to contents page.
  3. Go to a specific date.
    • Click calendar button; and
    • Select a date.
  4. Search is avaialbe when you are on contents page.


  1. In the toolbar, click book icon.
  2. You could
    • Add tags;
    • Edit title; and
    • View versions history.
  3. Below title, in the right, click OPEN to go to contents page.


Contents page list all pages in a month, each with day and title.

  1. In the toolbar, click 3-bar list icon.
  2. By clicking on a specific day, you would go to the page directly.
  3. In the toolbar, you could go to a different month.
    • Click calendar icon; and
    • Select a month of a year.
  1. Go to contents page.
  2. In the right of toolbar, click on search button.
  3. Search bar is displyed below.
  4. Enter keywords, click search button.
  5. You would see those pages whose tags or title match your keywords.